Smart Coal Mines, Pro Wrestling, Other News and Commentary ABCF Week 26 Update

Journey to the Center of the Earth: Discovering China’s smart coal mines (

According to the national bureau of Statistics, China’s coal production and consumption steadily grew in the 2000s and plateaued after 2013. In 2021, China produced 4.13 bln tons of coal. There’s a consistent gap between production and consumption numbers, but the shortage has been shrinking.

According to a 2015 tally, state-owned and private-owned coal mines each make up roughly half of the number of mines, but SOEs contribute to 80% of the output.

During the visit one engineer gave me a simple and clear description: China has both mines with world-class working environments and those with awful conditions. …

The last thing I want to mention is that tech companies such as Huawei benefit too from the cooperation. They work closely with the mines to collect their feedback and improve their algorithm or hardware, in the hope that their product can be put to use in more complicated settings and become more user-friendly.

I was told that Huawei and the mines we visited will launch in July a first-ever AI model for mines, which they described as “the ChatGPT of industrial application“.


An African in China brings global sports to Africa — Q&A with Lloyd Randall – The China Project

He moved from civil war torn Sierra Leone to Beijing where he graduated with degrees in IT and management. Now he’s the face of one of the biggest sports TV broadcasters in Africa, and it’s a Chinese company.


Why China’s Global South diplomacy is such a challenge for the United States – The China Project

… But recent research from the European Council on Foreign Relations reveals a very different view on the other side. Polled publics in places like India and Turkey don’t see the future as bipolar. Rather, they expect to rise just as China has, toward a complex multipolar future. More specifically, they think the U.S. and its allies are losing their unique power to structure world systems. The rules-based international order looks different from different places.

… China’s trade with Africa in the first quarter of 2023 ($58.9 billion) was almost triple that of the U.S. ($21.8 billion) during the same period.


Pro wrestling in China is ready for its comeback – The China Project

The short but eventful history of China wrestling is filled with highs and lows. For a while, rival promoters dreamed of building the WWE of China, but money dried out and then COVID nearly killed the industry. Those who are still kicking — a motley crew of professionals, hobbyists, lifers, dreamers, and realists — are now working together to rebuild this thing they love


Top searches on Douyin: Taiwan's #MeToo, Chinese mainland's technology anxiety (

Today's China top searches newsletter is a fine specimen of what Chinese netizens have on their minds: entertainment, security, and money. They are excited about box office news and the life of celebrities. They are also deeply concerned with national security and technological development. Furthermore, they feel most truly the sting of every lost penny.


CCG hosts ambassador roundtable on common prosperity and the Nordic Model (

On June 7, 2023, CCG hosted a roundtable discussion with Nordic ambassadors in its Beijing headquarters, which focused on the topic of ‘Paths Toward Common Prosperity: The Nordic Model And Beyond’.  The event focused on promoting bilateral communications between China and Nordic countries, focusing on social governance experience. The event was opened by CCG President Wang Huiyao.


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