New Year’s Greetings to International Sister Cities and Overseas Friends Zibo Vice Mayor Hu Xiaohong


New Years Greetings to International Sister Cities and Overseas Friends




Dear overseas friends and citizens of sister cities,

Greetings to you all! I am Hu Xiaohong, Vice Mayor of Zibo City.


The sun and moon start a new year, things are taking a bright, new look, emerging a new atmosphere. As 2024 approaches, on behalf of the Zibo Municipal People’s Government and the 4.7 million people of the city, I’d like to extend sincere greetings and good wishes to all the people of your city!


In the past year, Zibo people and their international friends have respected each other, enjoyed equality and mutual benefit, and cooperated in a friendly manner. Together, they have gone through an extraordinary 365 days, writing a vivid answer sheet for high-quality development. Many friends from home and abroad came to Zibo to enjoy Zibo barbecue, taste delicious food, explore Zibo culture, and experience Zibo’s charm.


Distance cannot separate true friends who feel so close even when are thousands of miles apart. In the new year, Zibo City is willing to work with you to continuously consolidate and deepen friendship, strengthen economic and trade cooperation, and enrich cultural exchanges, let the friendship tree luxuriant and bear more fruits.



Finally, I wish your city more prosperous and the people happier and more successful!