Introducing, Shanghai Silk Rd, Nanjing Marketing; China-US talks in Alaska Commentary from the Web, Week 11, 2021

This web site is devoted to the subject of intellectual life in contemporary China, and more particularly to the writings of establishment intellectuals.  What you will find here are essentially translations of Chinese texts that my collaborators and I consider important.  …. The site is run by David Ownby (, Professor of History at the Université de Montréal, who established it in 2018, and has been posting new translations to it every two weeks ever since.


Shanghai Silk Road International Trading

Start a business with Shanghai Silk Road.

Shanghai Silk Road International started as a bridge company between China and other countries along the Silk Road.


Nanjing Marketing Group, China marketing explained

Learn the newest trends in Chinese marketing and digital culture. Our bilingual team members show you how to use WeChat, Baidu, Weibo, Zhihu and other platforms to increase your revenue in China. 


China-US talks in Alaska

You’re probably suffering from media overkill on this topic, but in case you need more you will find many alternative perspectives here and here. Most conclude that it was a hopeful sign that the talks happened.


Thanks to Rasheed Griffith for much of the material featured this week. Previous weekly compilations may be found on the website of the Association for Barbados-China Friendship,