Fish & Dragon Festival, and Other News, Week 2 Update

Chinese ceramic artist contemplates permanence and loss through delicate pottery – The China Project

Peng’s decorative patterns are simple rectangles or lines of inlaid color — never drawings or images. “In my opinion, good decorative techniques are achieved using the essential plasticity of the clay, so I opt for engraved lines and dimples, which I then inlay with liquid clay of a different color.” Adding a painted design or image would mean treating the vessel itself as a surface medium and ignoring its plasticity, something he refuses to do.


Connectivity Politics and Ecological Civilization (

Abstract: Addressing the climate change and other ecological crisis and building an ecological civilization can not be done by any single country. It needs the widest cooperation of nations. However, fierce competition is undermining international cooperation. The U.S. newly released National Security Strategy seeing China as “the most consequential geopolitical challenge” instead of a cooperative partner is an example. In a more and more connected and interdependent world, the power politics mindset needs to be replaced by connectivity politics thinkings, through which, the relations of man-man and man-nature could be better improved. Ecological civilization is not only some protection and conservation works of our environment, but a revolutionary change of our whole society. We have to have new thinking to meet the new requirements to develop ecological civilization.    


Second ABCF-ZISU Youth Forum

The second Forum organized jointly by the ABCF and Zhejiang International Studies University (ZISU) will be hosted online by the ABCF on Friday March 3 at 8pm Barbados time (Saturday March 4 8am in Hangzhou). The topic for discussion is “Perspectives from Caribbean youth on climate change and sustainable development”. The moderators for this forum will be Joshua Johnson and Alex Atwell, and Ivanna Odle will make a presentation to kick off the discussion. Look out for further details in the coming weeks.


The Confucius Institute

The Confucius Institute invites you to register for the course “A Taste of Chinese Culture”, with modules in:


  • China Through the Ages (Compulsory)
  • Healing Hands and Motions: Traditional Chinese Medicine
  • Healing Hands and Motions: Tai Chi
  • Flavours of China: Tea
  • China’s Cultural Expressions: Calligraphy
  • Flavours of China: Desserts
  • China’s Cultural Expressions: Dance
  • China’s Cultural Expressions: Chinese Opera
  • China Today

The course starts February 13, 2023 and the cost is BDS$50 per module. All participants are asked to register for the first module, which provides general information and background for  other modules, from which you may choose.

For further information contact the Confucius Institute:

Tel: 246-629-4970(71)



Consider joining the ABCF

If you share our conviction of the importance of a deeper understanding of China and building ties of friendship with the Chinese, please consider becoming an active member of the ABCF. The annual membership fee is BDS$100, which goes entirely to the maintenance of our website and supporting the association’s ongoing work. Information on membership may be found on the ABCF website at this link.


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