Commentary from the Web, Week 36, 2020

 Giant agrivoltaic project in China pv magazine, September 3, 2020.

“Chinese internet information services provider Baofeng Group is expanding the capacity of a 640 MW solar park in the Binhe New District on the eastern banks of the Yellow River in the Ningxia Province to 1 GW. In this giant project, the company is combining PV power generation with the production of goji berries, which are an ingredient in traditional Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese and Japanese medicine.”

“According to a recent study from the United States, PV projects linked to agriculture have thus far shown the highest potential when combined with leafy greens such as lettuce and spinach, as well as with root crops such as potatoes, radishes, beets and carrots.”


China's Million Volt Energy Superhighway

Youtube video by Just have a think

“Smart grids delivering renewable energy across continents will be a crucial advance, but they will also require extremely long electricity transmission distances. Our existing power lines are becoming more and more inefficient as those distances grow. China is tackling the issue by switching from AC to DC power and ramping up the output to a truly eye-watering 1.1 million volts. An environmental breakthrough or a bid for global energy domination?”


The Chinese consumer: Resilient and confident 

McKinsey & Company, September 3, 2020 | Podcast

“Even as many parts of the world continue to battle the COVID-19 crisis and its knock-on effects, much of China has reopened: people are going out, streets are bustling, and businesses have resumed almost-normal operations. In this episode of the McKinsey on Consumer and Retail podcast, McKinsey’s Felix Poh and Daniel Zipser discuss the present and future of the Chinese consumer sector.”


China parties likes it’s 2019 as country moves on from coronavirus

Financial Times, September 4, 2020

Bars, nightclubs and beach venues are filling up after months of pandemic controls.

At a beachfront music festival at Beidaihe “partygoers had to scan their government-designed app that tracks were they have visited, and have their temperatures taken. But once inside the sealed-off resort, they could throw off any thoughts of coronavirus.”


Why CIFTIS Matters: View from Chair of Deloitte Global Board of Directors

“The future's looking bright for high quality trade in services. They accounted for 55 percent of all global trade flows last year. And [the China International Fair for Trade in Services, CIFTIS] serves as a focal point for an enormous Chinese market that's becoming more accessible to all business types around the world. In a rapidly evolving global market, how can countries and businesses find their competitive niche? What role do businesses play in navigating the digital frontiers? And how are they preparing for a post-pandemic world? Tian Wei[the host of CGTN’ World Insight programme] talked to Sharon Thorne, Chair of Deloitte Global Board of Directors. Here's what she has to say.”

CIFTIS is currently underway in Beijing and online, September 4-9.