Chinese Electric Vehicles, Chinese Economy, Tourism Hotspot Commentary from the Web, Week 32, 2021

Which Chinese EV Company Will Succeed In Europe?

For this episode of Wheelsboy Chat, Ethan and our guest, Elliot Richards, discuss the Chinese EV brands that will be reaching European markets this year, and which ones will be the most successful.


Closer Look: U.S. Economist's Views on Chinese Economy

How is China's economy doing? Let's look at the latest data. In July, China's inflation, measured by the Consumer Price Index or CPI, rose by one percent year on year. Rising CPI traditionally suggests worsening inflation. Meanwhile, on the trade side, export growth slowed in July to a 19.3-percent growth rate, which is attributed to the Delta-led resurgence of COVID-19 cases worldwide. So what's the outlook on the Chinese economy for the rest of 2021? Tian Wei asked Michael Pettis, a well-respected American economist, at his hutong office in the heart of Beijing.


How has an impoverished village turned into a tourism hotspot?

Hebian Village is located in a remote mountainous area of Xishuangbanna Dai Autonomous Prefecture, southwest China's Yunnan Province, close to China's border with Laos. The small village of ethnic Yao people, surrounded by a large rainforest, used to be mired in deep poverty, with almost all families heavily in debt. A special poverty alleviation program led by Li Xiaoyun, a professor from China Agricultural University, has brought tremendous changes to the village in recent years. All villagers now live in well-equipped houses combining traditional Yao style with modern facilities. Today, with the overall environment greatly improved and more than 50 guest rooms set up in villagers' homes, the once isolated village is a popular destination for high-level meetings, summer and winter camps of students and other activities. Follow CGTN's Yang Jinghao to enjoy the beautiful scenery of the village and check out how the changes have happened. #RoadtoXiaokang2021