China’s Trade, Ant Group, China Biotech, Electric Cars, China’s Cities, Arrest of Chinese Professor Commentary from the Web, Week 3, 2021

How China overtook the US as the world’s trade partner, Infographic by Iman Ghosh, Visual Capitalist, January 22, 2020.


Ant Group: The Biggest IPO That Wasn’t, Tech Buzz China, November 10. 2020.

A backlash in China to debt-fuelled consumerism using social media platforms.


China bids on biotech to cure cancer and move beyond reliance on foreign drugs

Drugs made in China might provide the world’s next cancer treatment breakthroughs, powered by returnee scientists, government incentives, and floods of venture capital.

By Luz Ding, SupChina, Published January 20, 2021.


Didi is rolling out electric cars custom-made for ride-hailing

Electric and autonomous cars, ride-hailing, and boatloads of venture capital: The new car from BYD and Didi is associated with all the right buzzwords.

By Megan Zhang, SupChina, Published January 21, 2021.


China's Richest Cities 2021, Top 10

Video by Reporterfy Media and Travel, January 17, 2021.


MIT professors object to arrest of Chen Gang for failing to disclose China ties

After Chen Gang, a prominent professor of nanotechnology at MIT, was arrested for failing to disclose China ties and funding, roughly 100 of his fellow faculty members signed a letter objecting to the criminal complaints against him. 

By Lucas Niewenhuis SupChina, Published January 22, 2021