China’s Role in Electric Cars, Visa Policies, Health Codes Abuse Commentary from the Web, Week 24, 2022

What the world needs to know about China’s outsize role in electric car future: Q&A with Henry Sanderson – SupChina

Excerpt: So, my book looks at some of the players in the electric vehicle supply chains. While we know about Tesla, very few people might know that it depends on batteries from CATL, which is a Chinese company. In the space of 10 or so years, CATL has become the world’s biggest battery producer.  …

 And who would know where the lithium in your battery comes from, or the cobalt, or the nickel?  And each of the production and refining of these minerals is mostly done by Chinese companies. Huayou Cobalt is another example, it went to the Congo, produces a lot of cobalt from there, and is now producing nickel from Indonesia. 

So that’s another sort of company that people might not have heard of. Ganfeng Lithium, a big Chinese lithium producer, again, very entrepreneurial. It has invested heavily in Australia, Argentina. Tianqi Lithium, another one, bought a stake in Chile’s leading lithium producer, SQM. 


Breaking: China relaxes work & family visa policies to pre-COVID, in some countries ( From Pekingnology

China basically closed its borders to foreigners in early 2020 due to COVID-19, and it’s been almost two years.

It appears to me that many Chinese embassies published relaxed visa requirements in recent days but so far no major Western media has picked this up.

Given that travel restriction has remained for so long, so many people have been stranded and voiced their frustrations, and subscribers to Pekingnology probably have a strong interest if not stake in this matter, I think it’s worth mentioning - it’s not just about business, but deeply personal for many.

I’m in no way a visa expert so please double-check all the details and technicalities!


State media leading backlash against local abuse of China's health codes (  From Pekingnology

People who have arrived in Zhengzhou to withdraw money from embattled regional banks said they have found their health codes turn red — a label mostly reserved for potential COVID-19 carriers or those infected with the virus — after arriving in Henan province’s provincial capital, prohibiting them from accessing transportation networks, public services, and even going to the banks to lodge their grievances.