China’s Poorest Village, the BRI, Chinese Americans, Amb. Jackman

Revisiting China's poorest village

Liangshan, located in southwestern China’s Sichuan Province, used to be one of the poorest prefectures in the country. Kuijiu is one of the villages rooted here. In October 2019, a CGTN crew went to this small village and documented scenes of extreme poverty here. Then in September 2020, less than a year after first setting foot in Liangshan, the CGTN crew returns to one of the poorest villages in China to check on progress in the poverty alleviation efforts. What changed and what didn’t? With just months before the country’s self-imposed deadline to eradicate poverty, can villagers pull through in time?


China's anti-poverty drive / Boao forum mission

World Insight, with Tian Wei, Feb 27, 2021

— As China rings in the Lantern Festival, it also celebrates a milestone in efforts to take a bite out of poverty. Here's a better understanding of how the anti-poverty mission was accomplished. 

— On the 20th anniversary of the Boao Forum for Asia, let's hear from key figures who shaped its mission - a former UN secretary-general, former People's Bank of China governor and a former Japanese prime minister.


China's poverty identification 'very effective': World Bank country director for China

Martin Raiser, World Bank country director for China, said in an exclusive interview with CGTN that China has been "very effective" in identifying poor households, as part of its targeted approach in poverty elimination. Raiser also noted e-commerce played a key role in the country's fight against poverty.


The BRI And China’s International Trade Map

BRI Research Platform

The Belt and Road Research Platform has developed a new map to display the Belt and Road Initiative in relation to China’s international trade. Although there are already plenty of maps which attempt to display the Belt and Road Initiative, we believe that there was a need for a novel approach: integrating the BRI into China’s international trade patterns. 


Foundations to Frontiers 

The US Heartland China Association & the Committee of 100 present a landmark study of the enduring contributions of Chinese Americans to American society from the 1800s to today. The evidence-driven study details the contribution across the following seven industries: Arts & Culture, Civil Rights, Public Service and Politics, Business Leadership & Entrepreneurship, Infrastructure, Military & National Security, Public Health, and Science & Technology.


Ambassador Jackman on Caribbean Diplomacy with China

Rasheed Griffith’s China in the Caribbean podcast.

In this episode I am joined by Barbados's Ambassador to the People's Republic of China, His Excellency Ambassador Francois Jackman. We discussed several major foreign policy and geopolitical themes centred on the Caribbean's diplomatic posture towards China and the North Atlantic.


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