China’s Future Factories, Solar Energy, Business Symposium, Tsinghua University Commentary from the Web, Week 17, 2022

China’s plans for the factory of the future – SupChina

Zhejiang is already well underway building these factories of the future, and all the leading companies of the province are involved, including Geely 浙江吉利汽车有限公司, Alibaba 阿里巴巴集团, and Hikvision 海康威视.

The province has identified 32 future factories and 33 pilot enterprises, built 423 digital workshops and smart factories, selected 36 industrial regions for intelligent manufacturing pilots, and formed an intelligent manufacturing training system.

The factory of Zhejiang CFMoto Power Co Ltd 春风动力, producing motorcycles, is one of the first batch of future factories in the province; all six of its production lines make use of intelligent technology.


Solar energy companies under pressure as coal and nuclear get a boost – SupChina

A drop in Chinese photovoltaic firms may be a temporary blip, or it may signal that the industry is petering out. Meanwhile, China is building nuclear power plants and maximizing its use of coal, its only fossil fuel resource.


What does a symposium with Chinese premier feel like (

Below is an interview of Dr. Guan by 每日经济新闻 the National Business Daily (NBD) on what he has to say about this symposium. Ginger River thinks this interview is quite remarkable. It sheds direct light on the fact-finding and decision-making processes of China's top leadership, in which candid consultation with market players is a key component. It also shows that top leadership has a good grasp of the on-the-ground situation, especially during the tough times recently. Ginger River believes that policies that are more accommodating to the economy may be introduced in the near future.


Out of the Boxer Indemnities, a world-class university – SupChina

The school they founded opened on April 29, 1911, in an imperial garden in the outskirts of Beijing: the Qinghua Garden. The school was labeled Qinghua Imperial College (subsequently renamed Qinghua College and then University, though like its prestigious sibling, Peking University, it retains Wade-Giles in its official English name).