Beijing Film Festival, China in the Americas, Taikonauts, Hami Melons Commentary from the Web, Week 32, 2022

Watch: Opening ceremony of 12th Beijing International Film Festival - YouTube

The 12th Beijing International Film Festival kicks off in the Chinese capital under the theme "United We Advance." The opening ceremony includes two sections: "Every gathering is a long-awaited reunion" and "Every rotation opens a new journey," heralding a week of celebration of all things movies.


China in the Americas: To China or the Market? Commercial Creditors and Caribbean Debt Financing on Apple Podcasts

To China or the market? Why borrow from a Private lender instead of China? In this episode, Rasheed talks to Federico Sequeda about why international US-based commercial creditors invest in Caribbean bond markets.

Federico Sequeda is Head of Country Research and Portfolio Manager for the Emerging Markets Team at Eaton Vance. Eaton Vance is a part of Morgan Stanley Investment Management.

Key Points Include:

Fundamental Debt MetricsWhy governments may prefer private financing over concessionary loans Do Chinese loans crowd out private creditors What are the data challenges in investing in emerging markets Creditor committee views on IMF structural adjustment programs Resources Mentioned in this Episode.


China in the Americas: Panamá-China Relations on Apple Podcasts

The Republic of Panama officially recognized the People's Republic of China in 2017. Ever since then, there has been a constant parade of op-eds from think tanks about the potential risk of China's advance in Central America. We are joined by Sebastian Naranjo, a PhD candidate at Renmin University in Beijing and an Asia Desk Officer in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Panamá, to seek some truth from facts on this issue.

Why did Panamá cut diplomatic relations with Taiwan in favor of the PRC?How central is the canal to politics in Panamá? What tangible projects has the PRC assisted with in Panamá? How relevant is Chinese culture in the daily lives on Panamanians? Has Panama's relations with the USA soured in any way since 2017? We discussed these questions and more!


China in the Americas: Legal Dynamics of Sovereign Debt Markets on Apple Podcasts

IMF Structural Adjustment Programs; Private Creditor Committees; Chinese bilateral loan contracts; Activist Hedge Funds; Paris Club vs China Development Bank.

In foreign policy circles there is so much talk about Chinese  bilateral loans in Latin America and the Caribbean (and globally). But there seems to be little understanding of the dynamics sovereign debt markets which have important players like private investors and the International Monetary Fund. To discuss all of this we are joined by Thomas Laryea.

Thomas formerly served as Assistant General Counsel at the International Monetary Fund, where he was responsible for the IMF’s legal relations in finance and economic surveillance with each of its member countries. Since moving into private practice, Thomas has advised on several recent high-profile sovereign debt restructurings including Argentina, Belize, and Suriname.


China in the Americas: Dollarization Equals Economic Freedom on Apple Podcasts

U.S Foreign Policy in the Caribbean seldom contemplates Monetary Policy. Domestic currencies in the Caribbean pervert economic freedom. Rather than being seen as economic imperialism, the spread of United States Dollars in the Caribbean should be seen as the spread of economic freedom. I am joined by Dr. DeLisle Worrell, former Governor of the Central Bank of Barbados to discuss why all Caribbean currencies should be permanently retired in favor of adopting the USD as the sole currency throughout the region.  We also discuss the potential of Chinese RMB internationalisation in the Caribbean.


Space Log: China's Shenzhou-14 taikonauts work, exercise in Wentian lab module - YouTube

The China Manned Space Agency on Friday published a video that gives a glimpse at the space life of Chinese astronauts aboard the country's space station, showing how the crew members are performing scientific tasks and working out to keep fit in the Wentian lab module.


Xinjiang's Hami melon has a bumper harvest and is sold across the country - YouTube

Recently, 37,800 mu (2,520 hectares) of late-ripening Hami melon in Naomaohu Town of Hami City, northwestern China's #Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, has gradually matured. Naomaohu Town is the largest late-ripening Hami melon production area in China. In addition to traditional sales methods, local farmers have expanded their sales paths through livestreaming and other methods. Up to now, more than 30 percent of the late-ripening Hami melon has signed sales deals with merchants, mainly sold throughout the country and exported to Vietnam.