Americans in China, Poverty Alleviation, China’s New Youth, Sanctions Commentary from the Web, Week 14, 2021

Why Do Americans Live In China?

Asian Boss, Jan 18, 2021, STREET INTERVIEWS

On January 6, 2021, rioters supporting Donald Trump stormed the US Capitol Hill in an attempt to overturn the US election result, sending shock waves throughout the world. Asian Boss interviewed a group of American expats currently living in China to have them share their unique perspectives.


China issues white paper on poverty alleviation to share experience

In retrospect, CPC’s 100-years' eradicating extreme poverty offers valuable tips for developing regions: experts

By Global Times staff reporters Published: April 06, 2021 10:03 


China’s New Youth: The diverse post-Tiananmen generation shaping the country

The Chinese youth of today are largely divorced from history. But like generations of Chinese youth in the century before them, they are making their own.

SupChina, Alec Ash Published April 8, 2021


Sanctions only escalate tensions. It's time to tackle the Uyghurs' plight differently

David Brophy  The Guardian, April 5, 2021.

The west needs to make a credible case that its opposition to China’s policies is not geopolitical manoeuvring

“Sanctions send a signal that the world is watching. But if they are to be in any way effective, the sanctioned have to believe that changes to their behaviour will lead to some improvement in relations. There’s little chance of Beijing forming this view, given the state of Sino-western relations. Not while Joe Biden tries to strong-arm China by maintaining Donald Trump’s suite of tariffs and sanctions on its tech companies. Not while Washington provocatively declares that its “defence” interests extend all the way up to China’s coastline – with the Royal Navy now joining in the sabre-rattling in the East and South China Seas.”